Futura CTS enables you to secure greater military Capability out of less cost.

Futura’s proven enterprise-level software solution enables the managers of military equipment, manpower and training systems to identify, quantify and cost risks to Capability over the two- to 20-year timeframe.


It then equips Staff Officers to identify options for reconstituting Capability and reducing its cost – all at sufficient notice to take action.


The results are measured in unlocked Capability and saved costs.


To uncover the art of the possible for your programme or Service, call our Managing Director Christopher Barker for a no-commitments chat on +44 (0) 1483 401 800.

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  • De-risk Capability plans
  • Identify spare Capacity within budget constraints
  • Identify budgetary savings whilst assuring Capability

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  • Procure Capability – not just the Equipment – for the lowest cost to Defence
  • Assure that Availability contracts deliver Capability

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  • Prove which resource availabilities contribute towards real Capability - and which are waste
  • Break through ‘Lowest Compliant Bid’ syndrome

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