Futura equips Acquisition Managers to assure, de-risk and maximise capability.

Don’t just deliver value for money: identify and assure capability


Minimise the cost of capability.  To make high-value decisions, you need evidence of the contribution an equipment type will make to capability when allied with the levels of the other DLoDs through the programme life.  Futura CTS shows the capability impact of new equipment types on your organisation so you can evaluate the true, through-life cost of Capability.

Assure capability.  Futura’s solutions provide you with:

  • a common toolset for evaluating proposals 
  • simple, clear integration of Capability Development & Capability Acquisition with Capability Management and Support Organisations
  • clear evidence of risks to capability

Mitigate Risk.  Acquisition Managers are judged by the ultimate benefits and value for money of their acquisitions.  They must establish delivery risks, whether from vendors, acquisition authorities or Capability Managers, and take steps to avoid them.  Futura’s solutions give a joined-up view of risks across the Capability Development lifecycle.



Provide capability assurance with evidence to back it up

Break Free from ‘lowest compliant bid’ syndrome. Futura CTS gives you a fully developed view of the impacts of acquisition decisions, enabling you to make the right choice.

Make compelling presentations. Futura's capability heat-maps and dynamic displays let you take stakeholders directly to the heart of your decisions.  By drilling down into the expected status of specific systems, units and support structures, you can support your case with appropriate detail, whilst panning out to prove its impact on the overall Capability roadmap.

List and display assumptions. Your advice will be based on a series of interrelated assumptions.  To build support for action, you will need to build support for the evidence on which it is based.  Futura CTS allows you to manage your assumptions, data and analysis easily and display them compellingly.

The Royal Australian Navy applied CTS to stress-test its transition to the Air-Warfare Destroyer.  Senior officers used the solution to identify and prove where programme risks lay, and the measures required to alleviate forthcoming resource shortages.  The CTS revealed savings of $10m in its first month, on a single programme. 




The UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) employed TOA during the most comprehensive partnership arrangement for military flight training in the world.  MoD selected TOA to evaluate the viability of five competing training proposals and determine the risks and efficiency of each.


Royal Australian Navy deployed CTS across the major Capability transitions of all its Force Element Groups, including Future Submarine, Amphibious and Destroyer capability.  The solution uncovers future risks to meeting Navy’s capability obligations to Government, and is used by senior officers to prove the case for action, prioritise high-level Capability initiatives and trade them off against costs.





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