Futura equips Capability Managers to assure, de-risk and maximise capability.

Take the boom and bust out of budgets.  Too often, plans are made in isolation.  Budgets are set by reference to last year’s numbers, not to the activities required next year.  The effects of a decision in one area on other areas are rarely visible in advance, making planning reactive, not proactive.  By foreseeing which activities will end up contributing to Capability, and what they will cost, you can get more Capability out of your existing budget.


De-risk plans.  Whether at the level of the individual equipment, fleet, programme or portfolio, you need to ensure long-term sustainability.  Futura CTS equips you to foresee and avoid the risks in your capability plan – before they cause problems.

Identify spare capacity.  Defence wastes huge resources focusing on individual Defence Lines of Development (DLoDs) that ultimately do not contribute to Capability.  Input-focused, DLoD Capability plans can’t show you the capacity in the system that isn’t going to contribute to capability, so you struggle to find spare capacity.  Futura CTS equips you to see which DLoDs will constrain Capability and when.  You will be equipped to defend the resources and capacities that you need, and to protect your budget.



The Royal Australian NavyThe Royal Australian Navy (RAN) applied CTS to stress-test its transition to the Air Warfare Destroyer.  Senior officers used the solution to identify and prove where programme risks lay, and the measures required to alleviate forthcoming resource shortages.  The CTS revealed savings of $10m in its first month, on a single programme.






Australian Defence Organisation’s Materiel Reform Division appointed Futura to configure CTS across a series of connected projects with Army and Royal Australian Air Force.  The solution equips ADO’s Groups and Services to coordinate activities across the FIC (the Australian measures of DLoDs), identifying emerging Capability risks in time to take effective action.





Royal Australian Navy deployed CTS across the major Capability transitions of all its Force Element Groups, including Future Submarine, Amphibious and Destroyer capability.  The solution uncovers future risks to meeting Navy’s capability obligations to Government, and is used by senior officers to prove the case for action, prioritise high-level Capability initiatives and trade them off against costs.





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