Implementing Futura

CTS can be deployed as:

  • Rapid Deployment Solution.  If you need evidence-based answers to urgent capability and cost questions, our Rapid Deployment option will save you time, cost and effort in just 90 days.  You will have the same capability maps, suggestions for saving money and working configuration of the CTS that you get with our other deployments, and will be able to take measurable actions to improve capability straight away.

  • Platform/ Programme-specific solution.  CTS can be swiftly configured to an acquisition, platform or capability of concern, and operated by Capability Planners or project and programme teams either alone or as part of an enterprise solution.

  • Enterprise solution.  CTS can be integrated into your network and made available to Force Developers, Capability Managers or DLoD owners. The Enterprise Solution provides and enforces a common ‘version of the truth’ across the Force Element, Service or entire organisation. It is extendable on demand and adapts easily to new data as it becomes available.


  • Managed Service.  If you need answers to short-term but urgent questions or longer-term, independent and apolitical advice, our Managed Service option can provide it.


Tailored and delivered to your needs


We swiftly tailor the solution to your operational and organisational scope, enabling you to:

  • de-risk your capability plan without affecting your budget or operations
  • identify where you can unlock future capability
  • identify places to make provable savings