Futura equips Industry to assure, de-risk and maximise capability.

Don’t just supply equipment: deliver capability

Communicate to defence where value for money lies in your bid.  Will your equipment reduce manpower requirements?  Will it enable a more streamlined organisation?  Will it reduce training costs or notice-to-move requirements?

If acquirers are to be persuaded to team with you, you need the evidence basis to include and support the full range of stakeholders in the Capability solution.  Futura CTS draws on your and your customer’s data to provide this, and to illustrate it compellingly.


Prove to customers which resources contribute to real capability, and when – and which do not.  With suppliers increasingly offering service levels rather than new systems, Industry increasingly needs to think like a Capability Manager. Risks for suppliers are growing – but so are opportunities for those who can most ably manage surges and dips in demand.

Mitigate risk.  Suppliers are judged by the ultimate benefits and value for money of their acquisitions.  They must establish risks, whether from vendors, acquisition authorities or Capability Managers and take steps to avoid them.  Futura CTS provides you with the evidence basis to maximise value for money while avoiding risks.


Provide capability assurance with the evidence to back it up

Break free from ‘lowest compliant bid’ syndrome.  Futura CTS gives you a fully developed view of the impacts of acquisition decisions, enabling you to make the right choice.

Compelling presentation. Futura's capability heat-maps and dynamic displays let you take the customer directly to the heart of the capability-selection issue.  By drilling down into the expected status of specific systems, units and support structures, you can support your case with appropriate detail, whilst panning out to prove its impact on the overall Capability roadmap.

List and display assumptions. Your proposal will be based on a series of interrelated assumptions.  To build support for action, you will need to build support for the evidence on which it is based.  Futura CTS allows you to manage your assumptions, data and analysis easily and display them compellingly.

Thales, a provider of military training systems, chose TOA to design and simulate a complex, tri-service aviation-training system, improving performance and reducing cost.





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