Our values

Our success for you rests on three principles.


We are capability-led

No matter who our clients are, whether in Land, Sea, Air or industry, whether they’re responsible for Capability Development or acquisition, they are all focused on delivering one thing: Capability.

So are we.


We partner

We can’t do what we do alone. We’re not the experts in your system: you are.  Yet, as our customers experience time and again, getting defence scientists to add fractions of accuracy here or there to their plans can’t realise the hidden opportunities for spare capacity or cost savings.  It’s the incoherence between these plans that accounts for almost all the wasted opportunities in large programmes.  So we’re in it together, and it’s the partnership between us that makes the difference.


We empower the Staff Officer

Futura’s Defence solutions are run by and for the Staff Officer.  They empower you to experiment with the capability outcomes of your transition plans, in the safety of a synthetic environment.  There’s no more waiting for the ‘scientists’ to modify their models, one department working in isolation of the other, and then getting an answer that you can’t relate the question you asked.  With Futura CTS, you get the answers to the burning questions of the day – when you need them.


Call us on +44 (0) 1483 401800 to discuss how we might be able to support your programmes.