Trained Output Assurance helps you identify and release sustainable savings and efficiency gains from the training system.

Futura's Trained Output Assurance (TOA) draws on information from your existing training MIS and exposes the future throughput rates, backlog levels and course utilisation that your training system will be able to achieve under its existing resources.  It stress-tests plans for generating trained output under your available resources, equipping you to reduce training backlogs, reduce the cost of training and de-risk trained-output targets.

Futura swiftly configures and deploys TOA to provide evidence-based answers to your urgent operational problems, saving time, reducing the cost of training and assuring future trained output.

Where required, the solution also links with the other Futura modules:


  • CTS. TOA links with the Capability Transformation Solution to determine training constraints to capability – and then to optimise the structure and policies for your training system that will maximise capability.


  • WS. TOA links with Workforce Sustainability to determine the career-management impact of training policies – and to de-risk the training-system requirements that will sustainably achieve the required manning structure.



Some typical challenges TOA is called upon to answer:

"What are the constraining factors in this training system going to be?

How will this training system have to change to serve tomorrow’s Force Structure?

Is it possible to save 20% of my costs without compromising future trained output?

What recruiting targets must I set to meet future trained output requirements?

How will changing the live/synthetic training balance affect the programme?


 Whatever the question, TOA will help your service to:

  • Unlock spare capability
  • Save your budget
  • De-risk your training programme
  • Increase trained output
  • Reduce waiting lists and training strategies




UK Army Recruitment and Training Division (ARTD) selected TOA to schedule, plan and stress-test its training of over 9,000 soldiers each year.  ARTD can now manage its short- and long-term plans more effectively and adapt quickly to the Army’s changing requirements for trained output.




The UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) employed TOA during the most comprehensive partnership arrangement for military flight training in the world.  MoD selected TOA to evaluate the viability of five competing training proposals and determine the risks and efficiency of each.



UK HQ 22 Group RAF and RAF Air Command
used TOA to plan and monitor their requirements for all tri-service flight training.  Past plans had left the RAF with training backlogs, inadequate resources and unused spare capacity.  TOA enabled pipeline planners and course commanders to prove and defend their requirements and training policies to senior military management.



Thales, a provider of military training systems, chose TOA to design and prove a complex, tri-service aviation-training system, improving performance and reducing cost.




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