Workforce Sustainability helps you identify and release sustainable capability gains and cost savings from the manpower system.

Futura's Workforce Sustainability (WS) draws on your existing manpower data, and shows you where and how you can maximise your manpower capability and reduce its cost over time.  Futura rapidly configures WS to the manpower structures at the heart of your Service, so you won’t have to constantly throw models away and start over when circumstances change.


WS has helped de-risk and optimise the transition to new force structures, avoiding capability gaps and saving unnecessary cost in the manpower system.  The solution is adaptable to handle entire defence Services or single Arms and Trades.  Its deployments have resulted in cost savings and significant gains to capability for a number of Services.

Where required, the solution also links with the other Futura modules:


  • CTS. WS links with the Capability Transformation Solution to determine the future manning constraints to capability – and then to de-risk the workforce structure and policies that will maximise capability.


  • TOA. WS links with Trained Output Assurance to determine the career-management impact of training policies – and to de-risk the training-system requirements that will sustainably achieve the required manning structure.



Some typical challenges WS is called upon to answer:

How can we cut manning costs by 10% without compromising operational capability?

What are my main workforce risks in the coming years?

How can I minimise the short and long term impacts of a redundancy programme?

How will a change in the retirement age affect our numbers and career structures?  What can we do to avoid an unbalanced workforce?

How should we adapt our Terms and Conditions of Service over time to meet our capability requirements?

Whatever the question, WS will help your service to:

  • Unlock spare capability
  • Save your budget
  • De-risk your workforce strategy
  • Improve your People Capability
  • Improve recruitment and training strategies



Headquarters Land Forces, British Army
used WS to ensure that the supply of officers and soldiers would meet demand.  They also tested a number of redundancy programmes to meet size reductions without compromising capability.




UK Directorate of Army Personnel Strategy used WS to assess sustainability for the next 25 years.  They discovered where they would face capability gaps in manpower and were able to plan to avoid them.  The Army used the programme's findings to define the scope of a multi-million pound procurement.





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