A record of achievement

From the very beginning, Futura has focused on the central problem facing defence leaders: how to coordinate your components of capability between programmes.  We developed CTS to maximise the Capability you can deliver – at sufficient notice to take action.  Having supported land, sea, air and combined-service programmes all over the world for more than a decade, we then rebuilt it from the ground up, so you can rapidly deploy it to new programmes.

Futura CTS equips you to:

  • Unlock spare capability. CTS stress-tests capability plans, unlocking the spare capability that remains available under budgetary restrictions


  • Save – and defend – budget.  CTS equips you to strip out and re-allocate the programme costs that won’t impact capability – and to demonstrate the downstream impact of other cuts.


  • De-risk capability plans.  CTS informs your decisions with validated evidence and auditable planning assumptions, empowering you to select and implement a mitigation strategy – at the advance notice that you need to take action.

Our outcomes are measured in unlocked capability and saved programme costs.