Rapid evaluation of asset investment strategies

15th December 2015


As the UK’s Royal Navy Command was reviewing its financial and capability options to ensure it could meet the government’s maritime defence targets and budgets, it found its existing tools frustratingly inadequate.  They couldn’t evaluate how alternative transition plans could be manned within the constraints of budget and career policies.  Nor could they clearly demonstrate the cost implications of different capability outcomes, or give details of where and when likely shortfalls would occur across the fleet.


Futura configured its Capability Transformation Solution (CTS) platform around the Navy’s highest-priority Frigate, Destroyer and Carrier Force Elements and their key specialist trades.  Drawing data from existing sources, CTS visually demonstrated how effectively future staff resources would meet the demands of alternative operating models and how the early reassignment of personnel would improve matters.  It also highlighted how specific critical manning shortages could compromise the navy’s Task Plan over its strategic planning timeframe.


Senior decision-makers were able to explore alternative ‘what-if’ capability scenarios and experiment with manning strategies to visualize and mitigate risks.  Most crucially, the solution highlighted how other supporting plans could be changed to enable the required capability to be delivered.