Safeguarding operational capability through times of change

2nd March 2016


When the Royal Navy was preparing to retrain its personnel in readiness for operating a new type of Destroyer, it needed to demonstrate how this could be done without compromising its defence capability.   Despite a wealth of data, existing tools and systems were incapable of visualising the possible outcomes or exploring alternative strategies.


Futura conducted a 3-month ‘Deep Dive’ exercise, configuring its Capability Transformation Solution (CTS) around the specific issues relating to the manning requirements of the Destroyer class and its successor.


Navy Command officers were able to visualise where and when manning constraints would compromise the operational capabilities of the existing and future ship types, and provide evidence to quantify and clearly communicate the outcome of different remediation strategies.  Staff Officers could conduct evidence-based ‘what-if’ experiments to test how different transition plans could successfully achieve the required outcomes and identify career-training milestones that could be put in place to ensure that ships would be fully manned through the transition and beyond.


The process also unexpectedly revealed how some anticipated career behaviours would jeopardise the Navy’s ability to meet its manning targets, whilst showing ways in which staff could achieve significant efficiency savings.