Aligning organisational functions to achieve a common goal

14th April 2016


The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) realised that an impending shortage of trained personnel in a number of critical roles and trades would seriously hamper its ability to meet its mandatory output targets.

Yet the bottlenecks causing the shortages were spread across three organisational functions.  To unite these functions conventionally would have entailed rewriting the organisation’s command structure, which would be disruptive and politically sensitive.

The Navy therefore urgently needed the means to derive a single, coherent manning plan that would be capable of meeting its Capability targets.

Futura devised, demonstrated and successfully deployed a solution, bringing the Navy’s critical processes for training, developing and allocating its specialist manpower streams into alignment with Navy output targets.

The Futura solution unites the three functions to experiment with alternative resource plans and career paths.  Together, officers foresee which initiatives will most effectively deliver the Navy’s required future manning over a 15-year time horizon - all despite constrained budgets, without challenging the identity of existing functions, and without needing to re-write the organisation chart.