Evaluating and stress-testing a new Defence Operating Model

12th December 2016


The Royal Australian Navy began implementing a new defence operating model, integrating previously independent units to form self-contained task groups, each of which would be capable of accomplishing the full spectrum of maritime security operations.  The Navy’s Head of Capability and Deputy Chief required a means of testing out the ability of alternative task group structures to deliver, under the constraints of the Navy’s future manpower resources and the national ship-building plan.

The Futura solution enabled senior officers to test a number of alternative configurations within the practical constraints of the navy’s future manpower resources and the national ship-building plan – whilst also clearly communicating the operational effects of the different options to disparate groups of senior, non-technical stakeholders.  Selective outcomes were delivered within just 60 days, leading to deployment across the entire Navy portfolio.

Navy leaders successfully used the solution to compare the ability of competing operating models, shaped by conflicting priorities, to meet its tasking requirements – and to clearly outline their recommendations, backed by credible evidence, to the Chief of the Navy and those he was accountable to.