Futura CTS shows where and how you can maximise capability under your existing resources.

Defence forces waste significant resources on Lines of Development (DLoDs) that ultimately do not contribute to capability.  Capability Transformation Solution (CTS) provides the evidence basis to prioritise investments in programmes, and to balance deliverable Capability against its cost.

 Futura’s solutions uncover how each DLoD will affect the others through the programme’s life.

CTS enables you to:

  • bring together plans and forecasts for each DLoD and each programme
  • foresee the risks to capability from one DLoD affecting another
  • mitigate capability risks by re-allocating resources, activities and costs.

The biggest capability opportunities and cost savings don’t come from tweaking individual plans: they lie in properly coordinating DLoDs and programmes.  CTS uncovers the opportunities to increase capability simply by reallocating resources at minimal – or no – cost.  It does so across the Lines of Development, across the Programme portfolio and across the Service’s Force Elements.


With CTS, capability managers communicate expectations, risks and requirements, with DLoD owners and with Equipment providers, and report the capability impact of cost cuts to the finance function.

Our results are measured in unlocked capability and saved costs.


A unique approach

Uniquely, Futura’s solutions:

  • take account of how one DLoD or programme will affect others
  • answer ‘what-if’ questions reliably and quickly
  • are designed to be used by non-technical staff officers
  • are swiftly configurable to new programmes and Force Elements
  • assess the risks in ill-defined and early-stage programmes then add new data as it is collected
  • are scaleable from the capability/change programme, through the Force Element and the Service, to the Defence level




Complementary to other defence tools

CTS doesn’t replace existing defence tools: it exploits the information you already hold in them.  It builds on:

  • capability-dartboard tools, uncovering the forward risks that lie beyond the dartboard’s assumptions.
  • equipment ‘capability’ models, putting the equipment future in the context of the other evolving DLoDs to show the Capability the Services will actually be able to deliver from the equipment.
  • Business Intelligence and ad hoc modelling & simulation tools, adapting as your data sources – and data quality – mature.